Betsy Hansen is a passion-driven professional photographer based out of Florida and New York. She has built her career working as a freelancer for magazines and advertising agencies since 2004, but her innocent obsession with photography began many years earlier. Her work is shown internationally in magazines, ad campaigns, and on billboards for commercial clients such as Wal-Mart, Nickelodeon, Walgreens and Tony Romas and editorial clients such as Essence, AAA, Cigar Aficionado and The Times London. Over the past fifteen years, she has won numerous awards and has been honored to teach workshops and give lectures for aspiring photographers.

Her clean commercial style blended with bountiful creativity, plus the ability to adapt and think on her toes, makes every shoot successful. She enjoys working with other creative professionals and pulling together diverse professional talents to make an amazing final product. She is extremely observant with elements on a set and has the patience of a nun. All of these elements blend together to make an enjoyable and fun experience on set.

“I enjoy working with my clients to create a wonderful final product. I always look forward to a new day when I can pick up my camera and photograph. Thank you to everyone who has been an inspiration in my photographic life so far! Keep smiling.” -Betsy

Photographer Betsy Hansen