Betsy-Hansen-Featured-Photographer-Popular-Photography-Magazine-1295-300px-hI was recently invited to be a part of a how-to lighting special with Popular Photography, a leader in the professional photography magazine industry. This is my second time being part of an article with Pop Photo. They came to me looking for content that included the use of studio light modifiers in a creative and unique way. Lighting is my strong suit, and I’ve always enjoyed manipulating it in different ways. It was no problem coming up with something amazing for them to talk about. I presented them with approximately ten photos paired with brief descriptions of how I created the lighting. They picked their favorite, and that was the image we moved forward with.

For me, the fun outcome of the article is the small 3-d diagram shown in the spread below. For the magazine to create the diagram, I drew a two 2-d photos, a front view and side view. My cute pen and ink stick figures gave me a good laugh, but the diagram their artist created is fantastic! It is spot on to the studio set up.

I provided a link below. It is not a link to the actual article, but to a web piece derived from the article. They changed the content for their website a bit, but it’s similar info from the article. They do show my photo with a caption on the website.

Check it out at: Popular Photography Magazine

Betsy Hansen Popular Photography 3-d Diagram

Betsy-Hansen-Featured-Photographer-Popular-Photography-Magazine-1314-300px-h  Betsy-Hansen-Featured-Photographer-Popular-Photography-Magazine-1308-300px-h