Once again, I am truly honored to be featured on Photoserve PDN‘s website, this time in their news section. I have always been passionately driven as a people photographer first and foremost. Portraits of professionals, clothing on fashion models and beautifully lit beauty images are my forte. PDN Featured Food Photographer Betsy HansenOver the past year, my career and portfolio has taken on a fun addition that I am excited to finally reveal, food! I’ve photographed food sporadically for editorial clients throughout the years, but, until this point, I had not crossed over into the world of commercial food photography.

It all started when a client first reached out to me requesting a food portfolio to show the head honchoes and decision makers. I put together a mixture of food images that I had taken on various editorial shoots. Most of the shots were previously used as part of an editorial story which included a collection of images. For example, a portrait of the chef, an interior of the location, a food item (possibly shown with an appetizer) and a wine/beer pairing would be put into a layout that could include a story about a restaurant or a recipe. I pulled out just the food images and put them together in a private gallery, which I emailed to my client. They fell in love with my lighting and shortly after called me in to a face-to-face meeting to discuss production and details. I am happy to say that I’ve been enjoying the process of photographing food ever since! It’s always interesting watching the food stylist make the food look mouthwatering with all real food products. (No fake stuff here!)

And to answer what I know you are wondering… We do not eat everything that is photographed, but we do get to sit down for a delicious lunch!